Have you encountered some problems while using our products or services? Quickly get answers here about product-related technical issues, sales questions, or registration problems. If there is no answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us at support@magfone.com, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Part 1. Order FAQs

1. Is it safe to buy software from your site?

Of course, it's safe. Your personal and financial information is 100% secure and protected by our strong encrypted check-out system.

2. Can I use the software before purchasing it?

Yes. All MagFone programs have a trial version for users to test the functionality. You can download and try it before you buy it.

3. What is the difference between a trial version and a full version?

The features for both the trial version and the paid version are the same, and the only difference is that the trial version will not help you complete the task.

4. What payment methods do you provide?

We use the reliable e-commerce platform FastSpring as our checkout system and it supports most of the popular payment methods like PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, etc.

5. How can I know my order is successful?

When your order is issued successfully, you will receive two emails automatically from the payment platform Fastspring. One is a confirmation email and the other email contains the license code provided by MagFone. If you have received both emails, it means that your order is successful now.

6. What if I bought the wrong product?

Don't worry. You can contact our support team via support@magfone.com to change the license code to the correct one or directly purchase the right product and then contact us to ask for a refund for the wrong one.

7. Can I request a refund?

Yes, you can, but with a reason. We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for every user. For more details, please read our Refund Policy.

8. Is that possible to get a free license for MagFone software?

Sure. We welcome any form of promotion for MagFone products. Whether you're a blogger, webmaster, or editor, you can earn a free lifelong license code from MagFone. Now just win a free license!

Part 2. Product FAQs

1. Can I use MagFone application on my smartphone?

No, you can't install MagFone on your phone. Currently, all MagFone programs are only compatible with desktop systems, so you can only install and use them on your Windows or Mac computers.

2. It doesn't work when I click the “Check for Updates” button?

Sometimes when you try to update the program within the app, you may see the error message and fail to update it. This problem is caused by our server issue. Please simply visit our Download Center to download the latest installation package and install it on your computer.

3. Can MagFone iPhone Unlocker remove iCloud activation lock?

No. MagFone iPhone Unlocker doesn't support removing iCloud activation lock from the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Part 3. Registration FAQs

1. How to register MagFone software?

For Windows users, you can open the MagFone program and go to the Menu bar at the top right corner. Choose the “Register” option and then enter the right registration email and code to make it activate. For Mac users, please launch the program and navigate to the Menu bar of the software interface. Select the “Register” and copy and paste your licensed email and key code to register it.

2. Why is my license code invalid?

You may enter the wrong registration info when registering MagFone. Please check it carefully to make sure you've entered the correct licensed email and code. Remember that the license code is case-sensitive, so please don't leave any space before or after the code. If your code is still invalid after some attempts, please feel free to contact our support team at support@magfone.com.

3. What should I do if I didn't receive the license code after payment?

In general, you will receive the registration code through email within 1 hour or so once your order is placed successfully. If you didn't receive the key code in time, please check it in your spam folder. Or you can directly contact us via support@magfone.com, and we will help you retrieve it as soon as possible.

4. Can I switch the registration code to another platform?

Generally speaking, you cannot switch the license code from Windows to Mac or oppositely as there are standalone systems. However, if you contact us within 7 days after your purchase, we will help you switch the license code for free. Once it's expired, you have to buy the code.

5. Can I transfer the license code to a new computer?

If what you bought is a Single License version, you cannot use the original registration code on your new computer, as it works on one computer only. You can buy the Family License or Unlimited License to use on other computers. And we will refund you the Single License if your order is within three months.